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Return Bloom Enhancement

Varieties with a strong tendency for biennial bearing may have insufficient bloom in the 'off' year and consequent low yield.  Ethephon and NAA products can be applied at lose doses in summer for a modest increase in return bloom.  Apply these in the 'on' year in four weekly (or every two weeks) applications beginning six to eight weeks after petal fall.  These compounds can hasten ripening in summer apples. 


Chemical Product Rate / 100 gal. TRV Rate / Acre REI (hours) PHI (days

Fruitone L


Refine 3.5 L

3 fl oz 2 to 8 fl oz 48 2
  Refine 3.5 WSC 1 to 2 oz see label 48 2
Ethephon Ethrel 0.5 fl oz 0.5 to 3 pts 48 7