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Vegetative growth control

Vegetative growth control can be achieved by application(s) of Apogee or Kudos 27.5 WDG, both containing the active ingredient prohexadione-calcium. In addition to providing growth control, early application can suppress fire blight of shoots. 

Application details for Apogee or Kudos 27.5 WDG on apples

  • Apply beginning at late bloom to early petal fall; earlier applications seem to give better results (Ed. note: in 2019, Kudos was approved for use beginning at pink bud stage @ 6 oz. per acre. This application in particular may help suppress fire blight and result in improved growth control, although follow-up applications may still be necessary. Only the Kudos formulation of prohexadione-calcium has the specific pink timing recommendation. The Apogee label still says application beginning at 1-3 inches of shoot growth.)
  • Apply at rates of 3 to 12 oz. per 100 gallons of dilute spray water depending on the amount of growth control desired and number of anticipated applications
  • Repeat applications at 1 to 4 week intervals may be necessary for season-long growth control
  • Do not apply more than 48 oz per acre within any 21-day interval, and there is a maximum of 99 oz per acre per season 
  • Always use a water conditioner such as ammonium sulfate, Choice, or Quest.
  • Do not tank mix with sprays containing calcium
  • Chemical thinning efficacy may be decreased when using prohexadione-calcium
  • Direct spray to top of trees if only vigor control is desired in the top of the tree
  • Not recommended for use on Empire, may cause russetting