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8 - Fruit Set (7 to 10 days after Petal Fall)

pest product comments
Sooty blotch, flyspeck Bacillus amyloliquefaciens  
Fire blight Bacillus amyloliquefaciens + copper (low rate product) Any coppers after green tip should be applied under fast drying conditions in as little water as necessary to cover the canopy.
Apple scab sulfur Sulfur is preferrable to copper. Copper is not a good preventative fungicide; must apply immediately before the wetting event.
general insecticide kaolin clay  
Codling moth (Oriental fruit moth) codling moth granulosis virus Not all products target OFM. Time with trap captures and degree day models (250 ddB50 after the first catch). Products may be used for management of first generation at this time OR second generation later in summer, not both. Management of first generation is the best recommended use. 


For additional materials and details, see the New England Tree Fruit Management Guide Apple Spray Table. The table uses the symbol “§” to indicate materials that are considered organic options under at least some state certifying programs.

IMPORTANT: It is the grower’s responsibility to ensure that any crop production practice or material used in the orchard is acceptable in their particular state’s organic certification program. Some materials deemed organically acceptable on the National List may not be acceptable in some states. Contact your certifier to know what is acceptable and to ensure compliance with regulations in your state.