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Plant growth regulators

ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator (Valent Biosciences) can be applied to cherry to increase fruit set. This application may be particularly useful during periods of bad weather and/or on cherry varieties with light fruit set such as Regina. Apply one to two pouches of ReTain per acre during cherry bloom. Retain may be applied as a single application of up to two pouches, or as sequential applications of one pouch per application. Applications between popcorn stage (balloon stage) to first bloom are more effective than earlier or later applications. Do not apply after petal fall.

Promalin® or  Maxcel ® (Valent USA) and Perlan® or Exilis 9.5SC (Fine Americas), latex paint application FOR INCREASING BRANCHING AND FEATHERING OF NON-BEARING APPLE, PEAR AND CHERRY TREES. Such an application improves tree structure by improving branch angles and increasing bud break and shoot growth in nursery stock and young trees. At the location where branching is desired, apply a uniform application in latex paint mix at a rate of 5,000-7,500 ppm (0.8-1.2 fl. oz./pint of latex paint). The latex paint mix should be applied using a brush or sponge to achieve thorough coverage of the bark surface. Application should only be made to one year old wood in the spring once terminal buds begin to swell but before shoots emerge. Applications made following shoot emergence may result in injury to the young shoots. DO NOT apply latex paint mix after bud break. Doing so may cause injury to shoot tips and reduce the effectiveness of the application for shoot growth. One-year pre-harvest interval. See F-140 Branching Young Apple Trees with Plant Growth Regulators.

HarvistaTM (AgroFresh) for increasing fruit set of CHERRY. Apply twice at 10% and again at 50% full bloom. Self-application can be done with your existing Harvista sprayer kit. Contact your AgroFresh representative = Andrew Barone, Account Manager, Eastern New York & New England, 570 854 3069,